Climbing Gym Dordrecht

Tree gyms in one building

This large climbing gym in Dordrecht has opened its doors in 2012. The building houses two climbing halls, one with a height of 12 meters and the other 17 meters, and a large bouldering wall. All these walls are constructed using the unique triangle climbing wall system from Mountain Network.


Climbing Gym 1:

  • System: Triangle Climbing Wall
  • Square meters: 510m2
  • Height climbing wall: 17 meters
  • Max overhang: 5 meters
  • Number ropes (toprope):15
  • Number ropes (lead climbing): 7

Climbing Gym 2:

  • System: Triangle Climbing Wall
  • Square meters: 360m2
  • Height climbing wall: 12 meters
  • Max overhang: 3 meters
  • Number ropes (toprope): 18
  • Number ropes (lead climbing): 4

Boulder Gym:


tuv certificering All our climbing walls conform to the European EN-12572 norm for artificial climbing objects.

MN Climbing Walls

Nieuwe Kade 4
6827 AA Arnhem