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Mountain Network has more than 30 years of experience as advisor and producer of climbing and bouldering walls. Together with renowned partner Arcadis engineering and architects Oosterhuis & Lénárd (ONL) we have designed a new generation of climbing walls. These walls are based on a triangular structure which creates an enormous design freedom. All triangles are unique in shape and fit perfectly together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to the use of these triangular shapes, the climbing walls looks esthetically very impressive.

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Mountain Network

Mountain Network is founded over 30 years ago. We are a company built by people who are passionate about climbing. We own seven climbing gyms in The Netherlands, an outdoor location in Belgium (Ardennes) and we organise climbing trips and expeditions all around the world. In Holland we’re probably the largest climbing organisation.

Since we’ve started building our own climbing walls, we’ve developed extensive knowledge and experience in this field. We have built over 100 climbing walls in Holland, from really small walls to large climbing gyms.  Our innovative Triangle Wall System gives you enormous flexibility in building complex structures. As climbers we really like to keep the climbing exciting and challenging! The climbing walls are delivered prefab which makes it possible to build a climbing gym within weeks!

Safety and Inspection

At Mountain Network safety is of paramount importance. All our climbing walls conform to the European EN-12572 norm for artificial climbing objects. During the design process the strength of the walls are calculated by the structural engineers of Arcadis. If wanted, after the final assembly all our walls will be inspected by the independent body TÜV Netherlands.




tuv certificering All our climbing walls conform to the European EN-12572 norm for artificial climbing objects.

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