Climbing Gym Amsterdam

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This large climbing gym in Amsterdam has opened its doors in 2012. The walls are completely constructed with the unique Triangle Climbing Wall System using all its features to create two large arches which dominate the gym. With a total overhang of 10 meters this wall was specifically designed for competition training and climbing.

311-DO-Klimwand bemmel_02Climbing Gym:

  • System: Triangle Climbing Wall
  • Square meters: 900m2
  • Height climbing wall: 15 meters
  • Max overhang: 10 meters
  • Number ropes (toprope): 36
  • Number ropes (lead climbing): 11

Boulder Gym:



tuv certificering All our climbing walls conform to the European EN-12572 norm for artificial climbing objects.

MN Climbing Walls

Nieuwe Kade 4
6827 AA Arnhem