Triangle bouldering wall University of Amsterdam

Bouldering and training for students

The University Sports Center (USC) in Amsterdam has a brand new triangle bouldering wall. The wall is approximately 22 meters wide and has a climbing surface of 85m2. On the fourth flour of the building a big tribune has been removed to make place for the wall. Besides the bouldering wall there are also numerous new training facilities like a campus board, fingerbords, pull-upp bar and a TRX. The students of Amsterdam can now boulder both indoor and outdoor at the USC!

Bouldering Wall:322-SO-MN USC_01

  • System: Triangle bouldering wall
  • Square meters of bouldering wall: 85m2
  • Size of the wall: 22 meter
  • Hight of the wall: 3,75 meter
  • Number of boulders: 80

Prüfung und Sicherheit

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